About Us

Apostle Benny & Apostle Valerie Burrell, Founder

Valerie Burrell is passionate about creating an atmosphere for change in the Kingdom!  In 2012, God spoke to her regarding the many traumas she’s experienced in life, letting her know that she was equipped to make change through the use of God’s word and transparency.  It was then that she began the work, aiding those who have been physically, emotionally and spiritually abused.

Apostle Valerie Burrell is adamant about bringing change to the lives of those who are seeking it.  She shares in the community by doing group sessions with men and women in transitional homes, those in therapeutic drug programs and individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Valerie completed her MS in Human Behavior and is continuing her education by pursuing her MBA. Valerie is a Cerified NLP Pratitioner, Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, and Certified Temperament Counselor with the National Christian Counseling Association and published Author.

Apostle Benny Burrell thrives on being in a position to motivate others. He is a 30 year law enforcement retiree, and currently a sales consultant at Ramey Chevrolet, Princeton, WV. He holds a bachelors degree in Management and Leadership, and currently pursuing his masters degree. Benny is also a published author.

As they continue their journey of empowerment in West Virginia,  lives are being impacted through their biblical and kingdom teachings.  Pray for them as they desire to establish a Christian Counseling Center in that region. They are parents to six adult children and 11 grandchildren.

Pastor Linda Brown, EPM Executive Leader

Pastor Linda Brown along with her husband Elder Johnnie Brown are the Founders of Agape Christian Ministries in Plainview, Virginia.  Pastor Linda works closely with Empowerment Place Ministries, hosting retreats and gatherings; intercessory prayer, and Bible Teachings.  Elder Johnnie and Pastor Linda understand the importance of Kingdom building, realizing that we can do more together.  We are grateful for their Covenant  Partnership with us.

Pastor Torre Lynn Adams – EPM Educator & Intercessor

Pastor Torre Lynn is an amazing gift to our ministry.  She is a member of St. John Freewill Baptist Church, under the leadership of Pastor Torre Young but serves as an intercessor and teacher for our ministry. “Peach” as we refer to her holds a Masters degree in theology and is the published author of “Got Fruit”!

Empowerment Place Worship Center
Pastor Daryl & Prophetess Kendal Harris

Empowerment Place Worship Center – EPWC

Pastor Daryl L. Harris (Pastor D) is the Senior Pastor of Empowerment Place Worship Center in Richmond, Virginia. He is married to Prophetess Kendal Harris and they have two children, Danira and Darion. Pastor Harris served as a Deacon for 3 years before he obeyed the call by God to the office of Pastor. Pastor Harris is known for his love for God along with his straightforward and candid preaching. Pastor Harris conveys God’s word with such comprehension, that everyone gets a clear understanding. When asked, who is Pastor Harris? Simply stated, he is a brother who would get in the trenches with community partners to provide resources to the needy. He is a friend and person who would repair your vehicle or cook you a meal. It is Pastor Harris’s desire to draw people to have a relationship with Christ, that opens their hearts to feel safe and empowered.

Prophet Kendal Harris is a native of Chesterfield, Virginia; called, anointed and appointed as a prophetic voice to the body of Christ. Understanding that her call is for the body, she utilizes her giftings in the marketplace as a Mental Health and Substance Abuse Clinician with Richmond Behavioral Health Authority. Prophet Kendal holds a Master’s Degree in Counselor Education from Virginia State University. Prophet Kendal spreads Gods love to all she encounters, not being moved by man’s plan but seeking to hear from God for herself and move accordingly. Prophet Kendal’s first commitment is to her family and then the ministry and her church family. Prophet Kendal is dedicated to serve God and His people with all of her heart.

Mathew 28:19-20, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Father, Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I will be with you always, to the very end of age.”

Deneysha Goods
Deneysha Goods – EPM Covenant Partner

My name is Deneysha Goods and my life has purpose! God has instilled in me a special assignment! With my purpose, I am equipped to empower those around me, whether it be my closest friends and family or complete strangers. I am a Registered Nurse and with this Promise God has given me, I aspire to touch the lives and hearts of those I come in contact with and continue to remind people just how truly amazing God is; to show them the true definition of unconditional love from our Father. I have a small prayer group (Empowered Women) with some of my closest friends where we uplift and encourage one another. We are reminded daily of God’s grace and mercy and strive to seek and fulfill our purposes! I am thankful that God has always kept His hands on me! I am thankful for His promises! I am thankful! If I can be of any assistance, please, don’t hesitate to contact me! ❤️  Her favorite passage of scripture is Jeremiah 29:11.

Angela Elazier – EPM Covenant Partner

Angela is a phenomenal woman of God who enjoys serving God as well as his people.  Angela is an advocate, a mentor, a social worker, and the mother of two exceptional children, Destinee and Nasir. As a Kingdom Ambassador, Angela has dedicated her life to serving those in need, placing an emphasis on serving students with educational disabilities. Angela holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and in African-American Studies from the University of Virginia as well as a Master’s degree in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University. Additionally, Angela is a Certified Trauma Specialist. 

Angela utilizes her spiritual gifts as well as her background in mental health to encourage and to mentor young people.  It is her sincere desire to be a beacon of hope to a dying world.

8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. These are the days of Revelations. I see God working his miracles and exposing the enemies. Please keep me lifted up in prayer as I continue to love those who dislike; hate and have strife against me and as I walk by faith not by sight.

  2. Apostle Valerie and her establishment, Empowerment Place Ministries, are very dedicated to genuinely helping you to a higher standard of yourself. Valerie has been helping me to sort through all of my troubles I accumulated throughout my life, from childhood to present. She has done wonders for me and my family as well. She is dedicated and very passionate about what she does. Couldn’t ask for a better councilor. Very lenient and patient financially as well. I would definitely have to give Empowerment Place Ministries a 5 star rating for the record

  3. Dear missionary Linda brown chosen by god
    I visited your website
    we love to mission work with you and your team ..
    fellowship with you

    MY SON IS A YOUNG EVANGELIST . , my eldestson is musicministry doing here

    .weare full time ministry.

    weare feeding 70 orphans & 50 poor widows , we have agospel team with pastors
    , evangelists , gospel workers.

    We are doing the lords work rural , delta , slum areas andhrapradesh India
    We need your prayers and your fellowship and your guidance to run this

    ministry & orphanshome

    Here is OUR ..PROJECTS;;;;;;; …1.Jesus Orpans
    Home-Reged no1393/ 99 INDIA a social service & Non-profit Organization
    .Christian Publications

    3Evangelism & TRACTS distribution

    4. pastors conferences

    5.Public Meetings

    7.Youth Retreats

    8.Women & Converts

    Ministry 9.Church Plantation ,Construction of Prayer HallsCommunity Centers
    in needy areas.

    10, Crusades

    11. Support to local Gospel workers

    12 . Medical Help & feeding the HIV AIDS children HIV/AIDS awareness programs

    13. Education for poor children

    14Tribal Welfare

    15.Medical and Mercy Ministry

    16.Relief Activities

    17.Drinking water

    18.HIV/AIDS awareness programs

    Our videos

    Note….we would like to hearing from you soon god bless you all




    MUNGANDA -533224

    E.G.D. T

    AP . INDIA





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