I’m Opening Up!

What a strange feeling, waking up as though I’m stuck in the movie “Groundhog Day”. You all remember the movie –  Phil Connors, played by Bill Murray, wakes up repeating the same day over and over again. He relived those days given an opportunity to take a good look at his life and priorities.  As I lay in my bed, I began to reflect and relate.  I questioned the position of my priorities and instantly felt that something had been removed from my priorities that needed to be restored.  When you can acknowledge those things that are lacking, it opens up the channels to bring it forth.  I did, and I am now one step closer to fulfilling my mandate!  My audible voice is being heard but the words on the inside of me are leaping, wanting to be released.  So today, I’m Opening Up and letting go of the written words that God has stored inside of me.

 Think about how often we go through life not living our dreams because of fear and frustration.  Challenging the authenticity our own abilities while others can clearly see our true essence.  I know that I am an atmosphere changer – not boasting but grateful for the anointing on my life.   I can make a difference and I will!   Today, I will all STOP the mode of thinking that belittles me and open up!  I take ownership of the impact I have on people when I walk into a room!   I’m Opening Up! 

This feels good, really good! I’m Opening Up and my prayer is that you embrace me as I share my words.

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