Love that Lasted

This month at The Empowerment Place, we have been focused on love.  We’ve talked about the love of God, the love for family and love that exists between a man and a woman.  Love sounded like this:

My love for you is everlasting.  I always knew you were the one for me; evenly matched.  If anyone tries to take our love away, I will fight to the end.  Your love is all I’ve ever wanted.

People often take chances with love, not realizing that it is a gift from above.  It seems obvious that our union was meat to be; as you said – even Stevie would be able to see.  No one can take my love away; I am yours and here to stay!  From this day forward until eternity – all i want to do is love and please you!

This is the sentiment I shared with my husband and year ago and never released, but it proves to be more true today than it did then.  Love can last through good times, hard times, trials and change – it just takes understanding of God’s intent and persistence to see it through.  My husband siad that he fell in love with me at first sight over 35 years ago – I’m so glad that the LOVE Lasted!  #lovemesomeBennyBurrell

Embrace Love and be Empowered!

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