Understanding My “WHY”, changed My Life

During a conversation yesterday, a group of us shared about handling dissappointments. There were several views offered to counteract that emotion, but what I heard clearly was, “What’s Your WHY?” I posed that question to the group and it resonated throughout.

Understanding my “WHY”, wasn’t new to me. I can recall during a time dudring prayer in 2017, I heard the same question to share with some of the students I was mentoring and coaching. I asked that question of them, and pondered on it for my own self awareness. At that time, I was pretty confident about the “why’s” in my life, but hearing it again stirred something in my I didn’t expect. I clearly felt that it was an indication that it’s time for change in a few areas of my life because the “why’s” are based on the desires of others and not what’s best for me.

That moment changed my life, because in that moment, I changed my mind. I resolve that I will be intentional in the coming days concerning my purpose, my health, my happiness, and my future. For some, that doesn’t sound like much but when you’ve been imprisoned by your own mindset and you finally break free – baby, that’s major!

I want to encourage you today – know YOUR WHY, and live life unapologetically!

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