Moving in Purpose

“You’ve been chosen for this!” this is the resounding message that I heard from the spirit of God, concerning my international journey of empowering God’s people. Did I believe it? Of course I did, but there were moments I moved in hesitation. At thhe end of May, this year, I traveled with one of my spiritual daughters to Kisumu, Kenya for a ministry assignment that stretched me.

Have you ever been in a place, knowing that you belong, yet feeling as though you don’t fit it? That was me! I want to encourage you today, my friend. There will be times when your assignment will put you in unfamiliar and uncomfortable places, but it will not change the fact that you were chosen for the assignment. I experienced moments of frustration, awkardness, and a hint of anger (but I didn’t sin).

Are you facing obstacles as you’re moving in purpose? Know that challenges will show up, but use them as opportunities to realign, and be strengthened for what’s to come. You have been chosen for a great work, and today – I encourage you to keep moving forward. Allow nothing, and no one to get in your way of being GREAT!

Moving in Purpose – Kisumu, Kenya

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