Are You a Mobile Ministry?

Is your ministry mobile? Is your message only relatable to some people and not all people?  One can ask if God’s word is for all, why is it that pastors prepare a sermon based on the ears of their members? Why is it that sometimes the words that are spoken resonate with some but not with all? Are we conditioned based on the church that we belong to? I know…lots of questions, but what are the answers.  

I must admit that I am guilty of visiting different churches and often find it difficult to listen to the Pastor preach.  Sometimes it’s his/her tone; the lack of enthusiasm, they preach too long, or the word gets lost in translation.   Like me, do you find yourself tuning out because the words are not connecting.  How can we as hearers and teachers of the word, ensure the dots for scripture and current events is reaching God’s people

As we are all ministers of reconciliation, we should all be able to share the goodness of God’s word.  How can we improve that…well by spending time reading and meditating on the word.That is followed by researching those things we have questions about or seeking a different perspective.  God’s word is truth about how we as Christians should operate on Earth.  Another important key in this process is having an ear to hear Holy Spirit for direction.  

Now there are certain demographics that prefer a particular sound, yet as teachers we should prepare a word that all can relate to.  It is so important that people feel that they can connect with God’s word.  As humble servants, we need to be attentive to the needs of the people.  Let’s begin to see each other as God see’s us and be a mobile ministry – reaching and teaching all that desire a closer relationship with our heavenly father.

Ministry on the Move

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