About Us


    Apostles Benny & Valerie Burrell

Benny & Valerie Burrell are passionate about creating an atmosphere for change in the Kingdom!  In 2012, God spoke to Valerie regarding the many traumas she’s experienced in life, letting her know that she was equipped to make change through the use of God’s word and transparency.  It was then that she began the work, aiding those who have been physically, emotionally and spiritually abused.  In 2015, Benny and Valerie were joined in Holy matrimony, adding more depth and power to the vision of The Empowerment Place.

Apostle Benny Burrell is a retired police officer who served in several locales in Virginia along with working in several schools.  He entered retirement from The College of William and Mary in 2012. Benny is currently employed as an Auto Sales Consultant. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Leadership and Management from Bluefield College and pursuing his Masters in Management and Leadership.

Apostle Valerie Burrell is adamant about bringing change to the lives of those who are seeking it.  She shares in the community by doing group sessions with men and women in transitional homes, those in therapeutic drug programs and individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Valerie completed her MS in Human Behavior and is continuing her education by pursuing her MBA. Valerie is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor with the National Christian Counseling Association and published author.

As they continue their journey of empowerment in West Virginia,  lives are being impacted through their biblical and kingdom teaching.  Pray for them as they desire to establish a Christian Counseling Center in that region.


Pastor Linda Brown
Covenant Partner

Pastor Linda Brown, Covenant Partner

Pastor Linda Brown along with her husband Elder Johnnie Brown are the Founders of Agape Christian Ministries in Plainview, Virginia.  Pastor Linda works closely with The Empowerment Place, hosting retreats and gatherings; intercessory prayer and Bible Teachings.  Elder Johnnie and Pastor Linda understand the importance of Kingdom building, realizing that we can do more together.  We are grateful for their Covenant  Partnership with us.



NinaProphetess Nina Williams, Covenant Partner

Prophet Nina is on the “fast track” to fulfill her purpose in the earth.  Nina is a member of Mt. Nebo Baptist Church in West Point, Virginia and serves on the Music Ministry.  With The Empowerment Place, Nina plays a crucial role as an intercessor, watchman, and one who holds up the arms of the leadership.  We are blessed to have a family that serves with us to build the Kingdom!

kenny and donna  Deacon Kenny &  Minister Donna Johnson, 



raychelle brown  RayeChelle Brown, Covenant Partner

Greetings all my name is RayeChelle Brown my aspiration in life is for God to thrive through me so that I can be able to thrive through others by encouraging them. My true passion is to help young people become successful, when they are in need to be their shoulder to bounce back off, help them to understand that they don’t have to be a Statistic nor does their past make them who they are. Currently, I hold my associates in paralegal studies, as well as enrolled for my bachelor’s dual degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. I’m so grateful for Empowerment Place Ministries and honored to be covered by AWESOME LEADERS!

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Arnita says:

    2 Corinthians 5:7 – (For we walk by faith, not by sight:). God said it and his word is powerful.

  2. Arnita says:

    These are the days of Revelations. I see God working his miracles and exposing the enemies. Please keep me lifted up in prayer as I continue to love those who dislike; hate and have strife against me and as I walk by faith not by sight.

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