I Am HIS Daughter – The Need of a Father’s Love

In the pages of this book, we share our accounts with hopes to encourage someone else who may have an estranged relationship with their father. If you’re in that position, please release your thoughts and emotions to start your healing process. What God has done for us is a marvelous thing, and He can do the same thing for you as well. Cost includes shipping


The Couples Conversation – 31-Day Devotional

Relationships, when aligned by God, are a beautiful thing. When you’ve done it wrong as many times as I have when it’s right – -you want to share it with the world. This devotional is an assignment from God to empower couples and help them experience the marital bliss they desire. Cost includes shipping


Justified Silence – The Experiences of a Black Rural Law Enforcement Officer

My recitation of these situations and events isn’t meant to serve as a cynosure for personal, political, or religious circles. It does, however, explain justifying my silence.


Received your book yesterday. Picked it up and completed it in one sitting. 👍 Great book! Spot on! Brought back alot of memories…good & bad! Was like a roller coaster ride…funny & serious. Only criticism is that you short changed yourself too much. You were an asset to every department you worked for! When you thought you were learning from other people, we were learning from you. Your demeanor, steadfastness, & humility were always an inspiration. One could tell that you came from a great family. If I would have made sheriff you would have been wearing captain bars (and not because of race, gender or favoritism ) and you know I don’t say things to flatter anybody!!! I’ll email you soon. You worked hard, was inorvated, and always treated people fairly & respectfully and that’s why God blessed you & gave you favor (even when it didn’t look like it)? Loved the cover! Valerie did an excellent job! God speed & God’s love my friend! – D. Bergeron

Benny, I got your book today! Sat right down to read it. It is an eye opener; had no idea what exciting and dangerous calls you went on. Never question this…you were such a bridge across racial lines here in Mathews. Respected by all and friend to all. You have always been God’s servant and I am proud to know you!!! – G. Shuber

Let’s D.I.P.

Tools for Discovering, Defining, and Developing your Individual Purpose Cost includes shipping


I’m Ready to Roar – COMBO

I’m Ready to Roar, is the companion to Hear Me Roar, Kingdom Women Releasing Their Sound. I’m Ready to Roar is the continuation of my journey of Empowerment, as God enlarges my territory and magnifies my sound and the assignment. I pray that you will find tools within these pages to aid you in Releasing yOur Assigned Kingdom Resolve! You will get the book and workbook for ONLY $20 Contributing Authors include Torre Lynn Adams, Linda Fox Brown, Kendal Harris, Sharon Peppers, Ivy Stiltner, and the late Nina Williams. Workbook included Price include Shipping


Book Review:

I highly recommend the book I’m Ready to Roar. The book discusses several women in the Bible who utilized Godly instruction, their faith, patience, and positioning to execute their kingdom assignments. The authors of this book teach others how to release their Kingdom sounds to empower others. It’s a must read! – A. Elazier

My Reality Revealed, A Journey of Empowerment

This devotional is designed to empower your journey with practical and relevant biblical insight that was given to me or those who spoke into my life. Each week take time to reflect on the Word, reflect on your experience and realign the steps of your journey based on the Father’s original intent for your life. Embrace your reality and maximize the journey.


The Seeds I’ve Sown

What I’ve learned in life is that whatever you do to others will certainly come back to you in one form or another! First, please know that I am not an expert in relationships by societal norms, but I can attest to how bad relationships can affect you. It is because of my experiences that I decided to pin this book as a reality check for someone who may think that they are slicker than the next person and has the relationship “game” on lock. Relationships are a vital part of each of our lives, and without guidance from the Holy Spirit, we can do damage to ourselves and those connected to us. I invite you to embrace these useful keys realized during my relationship journey that may benefit you in your current or next relationship.


Hear Me Roar, Kingdom Women Releasing Their Sound

In these pages, you will read the experience of a few phenomenal Kingdom leaders in ministry and the marketplace, who have overcome challenges and afflictions in pursuing purpose, but they didn’t give up!I’m certain that you will find an account that you can relate to that should fuel you to stand up and ROAR! Are you ready for this God move? Are you ready to roar? Join us and be EMPOWERED