Take The Mask Off

Masquerade parties are said to be exciting,  you have the opportunity to hide behind a mask – pretending to be someone who you’re not.  At the party a mask is required but what about those who walk around day-to-day with a mask on and there is no masquerade party?  Masquerade by definition means, “an action or appearance that is mere disguise or show”.  I understand the concept, I really do but in our day-to-day lives – when are we going to be daring enough to take the mask off.  What are you  trying to hide or who are you hiding from? Are you operating in  ill intent or have some hidden agendas? What is it?

What I’ve experienced in life that when you’re constantly altering your outward appearance, there is an internal struggle.  At a masquerade party – it’s a mask or a wonderful costume; in day-to-day living – it’s changing you hair color; eye color; hair style and other things that give you a sense of acceptance.  Today, let’s be real and take the mask off! Can you be honest with yourself and face your truth?  A sister friend of mine recently shared on her blog talk radio show from the topic, “How To Live When You Ain’t Right Within?” In a word – POWERFUL!  Her dialogue was in line with my thinking – you’ve got to take the mask off and accept the reality of your presence and if you don’ t like what you see – make the necessary positive changes.  The mask is only affording you to live a lie and what is that going to profit anyone? 

When you think about the impact that your life has on others, and trust me it does – you’ve got to walk in truth – its paramount! 

Let’s make this affirmation together:  Today, despite what I’ve endured in my past, I will face my reality.  I am strong, I am at peace, I walk in truth and I will be accepted for who I am.  If I can help someone by revealing my scars, so be it – because it’s not even about me. Today, I will face my reality and take of the mask.  I feel better now!

 Today, promise me that you’ll be You – no mask, no hidden agenda. You, the gift that God has given to the world to bring forth His glory!  You, the beautiful, talented, gifted, anointed one.  Yes, YOU!  Let’s take off the mask, embracing that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of Christ . Take the mask off today and be empowered.

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